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Too much stress (workout) is counter productive.
Too much stress is just like too much stress in your life bad for you!

The right amount & in the right way IS GOOD FOR YOU AND WILL GET YOU RESULTS!

  • Total Body Blueprint is designed to give you the right short amount of stress on your body, with the right techniques, which (alternated with relaxation) is very good for you and will get you results, without causing injuries.
  • You will learn how to reactivate losing fat naturally (without exercise or supplements)
  • You will restore, build and keep your body 100% healthy & naturally (without needing supplements!)
  • You will learn how to build your inner power to pour out in every aspect of your life.


Is this plan a 1 time charge or is it a monthly charge?

Total Body Blueprint is a 1 time payment of $47. There will be no monthly charge on the Total Body Blueprint program.

What is included for the $47

You get access to all the workout technique videos, the customised meal plans, the mind set training, the 16 week workout schedule plan + creative ideas how to create your gym with what you can find at home. (Nothing left behind that made me win the first mister world and an international underwear model for more than 20 years.
-First we will reboot and build your body.
-Next we will build and keep lean muscle.
-Than we sculpture your desired body and will improve your power
-Finally we will get you ripped and enjoy your six pack.

Is there a money back guarantee on Total Body Blueprint?

Yes! There is a full 7 day Refund Policy. If you think the program doesn’t do what it says it does, you will get a refund within 7 days of purchase.

How long will it take to receive my order?

This is an online program and you will get your login details immediately.

Can you login for from your phone?

Yes. Total body Blueprint is designed mobile friendly. You can login from either your phone, tablet or computer.

Is Total Body Blueprint for beginners or for fitness experts?

Both! In fact I still use it 4 times half an hour a week 😉 and it is being build up from where I started (were I was being laughed at and was frustrated because I haven’t had made any progress).

Do you need a gym membership in order to do these exercises

No, you can find everything at home to make this work or build it yourself (I even included DIY plans).

Do I need a lot of time for the workouts?

No, only 4x 1/2 hour a week (which is only the duration of 1 average movie/ week). In fact too long stress (workout) on your body, is just like too long stress in your life bad for you. Total Body Blueprint is designed to get the most effective results with the minimum amount of stress-time. Stress in short time intervals followed by relaxation is actually good for you and will make you stronger.

Are there vegan meal plans too?

Yes, we provide vegan meal solutions, gluten free, dairy free and you can create create your own food plan based upon your preferences/ allergies

What does the mindset course provide?

Without the proper mindset, we can not create a new habit that works for us. The mind training will teach you how to make discipline and self control very enjoyable and the fundamental base to enjoy your life on every level. Self discipline is self love and self respect. I’ll show you how to tap into that from the inside out.


    Name: Tom Nuyens
    Height: 6'2"
    Winner 1st Mr. Belgium, 1st Mr. World
    International Underwear model (+20 years)
    Calendar Age:
    Metabolic Age: Calendar age - 16 Years
    Workout: 4x 1/2hours/ week
    Tools: Everything shared in Total Body Blueprint

    ONLY $47

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